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October 2023 Nominations

Congratulations to Operation CatSnip of KY ! Submitted Date Organization Name Organization Website Member First Name Member Last Name 10/01/2023 Tyson’s Chance Animal Foundation Lori Glass 09/28/2023 HorseSensing or org Sally Broder 09/28/2023 Awake Ministry Lainey Kemp 09/26/2023 Next Step Deborah Griesinger 09/22/2023 Shelby Saddlebred Optimist Club Pam Bell 09/19/2023…
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July 2023 Nominations

Submitted Date Organization Name Organization Website 07/06/2023 ReadyFest 07/02/2023 Tyson’s Chance Animal Foundation 07/01/2023 HorseSensing 06/28/2023 A Loving Choice (ALC) 06/14/2023 Shelby County Community Theatre 06/13/2023 Marnel C Moorman Family Life Center No website yet but has a FB page 06/13/2023 Shelby Saddlebred Optimist Club 06/12/2023 Shelby County Parks Foundation…
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April 2023 Nominations

Submitted Date Organization Name Organization Website 04/06/2023 Farmers Feeding Families 04/06/2023 Operation Care 04/01/2023 HorseSensing 03/28/2023 Southside elementary PTO 03/18/2023 Shelby County Community Theatre 03/10/2023 Awake Ministries 03/10/2023 Operation Catsnip 03/09/2023 Project Lifesaver 03/08/2023 A Loving Choice 03/08/2023 Operation CatSnip of Kentucky 03/08/2023 TYSON’S CHANCE ANIMAL FOUNDATION 03/01/2023…
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Nominations for January 2023

Congratulations to this quarters recipient CASA of the River Region serving Shelby Co! Date Submitted Organization Name Organization Website Mission Statement 10/11/2022 Farmers Feeding Families 10/20/2022 Operation CatSnip of KY Inc We were founded in 2008 and incorporated in 2009 to help stop the overpopulation of free roaming and community cats in Shelby County.…
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Nominations for October 2022

Submitted Date Organization Name Organization Website Mission Statement 10/06/2022 Southside Elementary PTO We serve the students, teachers, staff and families of Southside Elementary 10/06/2022 APlace to Sleep To provide beds for all children, newborn through HS! 10/04/2022 OPERATION LIFESAVER This is a project for dementia/Alzheimer patients and also autistic individuals. The program fits the…
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Nominations for July 2022

Congratulations to Simpsonville Christian Church Food Bank! Submitted Date Organization Name Organization Website 06/29/2022 Multi-Purpose Community Action Agency, Inc. 06/24/2022 Veteran’s Rural Outreach 06/23/2022 Shelbyville Community Remembrance Project Coalition 06/20/2022 Operation CatSnip of Kentucky 06/19/2022 Southside Elementary School PTO N/A 06/15/2022 HorseSensing 06/11/2022 Project Lifesaver 06/10/2022 CASA 06/02/2022…
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Nominations for April 2022

Congratulations to Bagdad Baptist Church Hope Center! 04/07/2022 A Place to Sleep 04/06/2022 Awake Ministries 04/05/2022 Veterans Rural Outreach 03/26/2022 Farmers Feeding Families 03/17/2022 Misfit Toys Rescue Division 03/16/2022 Simpsonville Christian Church Food Pantry 03/03/2022 Bagdad Baptist Church Hope Center 02/28/2022 HorseSensing 02/16/2022 Farmers Feeding Families Shelby County 02/05/2022…
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Nominations for January 2022

Nominations for January 2022 Organization Name Organization Website Mission Statement/Population Served: Shelbyville Community Rememebrance  Project Coalition  is the name of our group.  The  charity is Well, Inc. Our coalition is a local outgrowth from the Equal Justice. Initiative in Montgomery, Al.  So far we have  collected soil beneath sites of documented  local lynchings here in…
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Nominations for October 2021

Nominations for October 2021 Congratulations to the Salvation Army of Shelby Co!

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Nominations for July 2021

Nominations for July 2021 Congratulations to The Butterfly House of Shelby County on being selected as the July 2021 recipient. Organization Name Organization Website Mission Statement/Population Served: Shelby County Junior Golf Foundation Mission Statement-CREATING OPPORTUNITIES – BUILDING FUTURES Population Served- Youth aged kids in Shelby County. Grades K-12 and also some college students. Shelby Co.…
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