Frequently Asked Questions


  • How long am I committing for? Your commitment is for one calendar year, which is equal to four meetings.  Meaning you will be donating a total of $400. At the end of their calendar year, members may decide to re-join or may sit out if they so choose. 
  • What if I can’t afford $100 every quarter? Get a team or a partner! You can form a team of up to 4 women.  That means each of you would contribute $25 every quarter, for only a total of $100 every year. 
  • If I nominate an organization and they don’t win, does their name stay in the hat? No, that organization would need to be nominated again on our website.  
  • How do you fund operations? During the meeting we will “pass the boot” for donations for operation expenses (i.e. our P.O. Box, printing paper, stamps, supplies, website.) 
  • What’s the “catch”? There isn’t one! But if we had to say one, the only “catch” is if the non-profit you vote for doesn’t win you still write your check out to the one who received the most votes.  But can we really even call that a catch?! A local non-profit is benefitting no matter what! 
  • Are donations tax deductible? Nominated organizations will be 501(c)(3), which can provide donation forms for taxes. 


  • How does my organization receive the winning funds?    At our quarterly meetings the co-founders will collect checks. We will wait a few weeks, for checks to be mailed to our PO Box from members who weren’t present at the meeting. 
  • What if a check bounces that my organization received? All checks will be written directly to your organization.  If one is returned, your organization may handle it as you see fit.  We would recommend contacting the member directly first to resolve the issue.

Other Information

  • Co-founders have the right to decide what is done with the petty cash (i.e. decide which operating costs to use it for.) 
  • Co-founders have the right to change rules, if it is done for the good of the group.