100 Women Shelby


100 Women Who Care is a true “Giving Circle.” We are member-run and rely on 100+ members to consistently participate to impact our local community. Giving circles have formed all around the world to help make communities stronger in a tangible, visible way. It’s a simple and effective approach to helping your donations make a real difference.


  • You believe women working together can achieve anything!
  • You only have a few hours a year to commit to charity work.
  • You want to ensure 100% of your charitable donations go to those in need.
  • You want to be part of an extraordinary group of women who make an immediate, direct and positive impact on Shelby County.


Any woman who has a vested interest in Shelby County is allowed to join, even if she does not reside in Shelby County.  However, understanding that our main goal is to keep all donations local.


  • We will host meetings 4 times per year.  
  • We know your time is valuable, meetings will begin at 7 and we promise to stay on topic and end as scheduled. 
  • Of course we want to see your face at every single meeting, but if you can’t be present you can send your donation in with another member. Or mail it to us.


Meeting locations are subject to change at this time due to Covid-19 guidelines.